New MMO Licence

New MMO Licence

A revised version of the NLI Press Clipping Agency Licence is soon to be invoked as the NLI Media Monitoring Organisation Licence. The existing licence has been in place since 2009, and has served the industry and NLI very well.

The newspaper media landscape has further developed on the digital front over the past years, and internet delivery of newspaper content is more pervasive and important than ever. National and international media monitoring organisations have expanded their customer offering by monitoring internet content as well as traditional print, indeed some organisations specialise in the monitoring of online content exclusively.

The new NLI MMO Licence now includes authorisation for media monitoring organisations to index and search the websites of our newspaper publishers, and to distribute article links of interest to their clients.

Additionally, following from a new agreement between NLI and The Irish Copyright  Licensing Agency (ICLA), the new version MMO Licence will provide authorisation to Irish media monitoring organisations to include all of the ICLA repertoire of periodicals, journals and magazines in their monitoring services for clients. This authorisation will apply to the print products only.

NLI are committed to an ongoing program of licence development and enhancement, as always interested furthering all of our capabilities to access and use media content, in ways that are consistent with respect for copyright.