NLI – ICLA Agreement

NLI – ICLA Agreement

Newspaper Licensing Ireland (NLI) and The Irish Copyright Licensing Agency have reached agreement whereby publications represented by ICLA may be authorised for reproduction within the NLI Licensing framework.

Newspaper Licensing Ireland operates a simple and accessible licensing system whereby newspaper print and website content may be copied and distributed across organisations. The licences foster respect for the copyright publishers have in their content, while providing a mechanism by which businesses and other organisations can benefit from this great information resource.

ICLA exclusively operates a licensing scheme in Ireland whereby copyright books, periodicals and journals may be copied by educational institutions, businesses and professional firms.

The essence of this agreement between NLI and ICLA is to make the ICLA repertoire of publications more highly available, particularly in a media monitoring context, to all of the existing NLI licence clients.

Owen Cullen, NLI “—”

Samantha Holden of ICLA agreed that “—”