Information for Publishers

Newspaper Licensing Ireland Ltd (NLI) was established in 2002 to manage the copyright interests of newspaper publishers in Ireland, and to promote a culture of copyright understanding and compliance.

NLI operates as a rights management entity offering licensing solutions that enable companies and organisations to access and use copyright content, while ensuring the rights of publishers are respected and that they receive a fair remuneration for the use of their content.


NLI represents the intellectual property rights of 104 newspaper publications and 217 magazines, plus 73 news websites.

Benefits to rightsholders

NLI delivers a revenue stream to publishers for the reproduction of their titles and has distributed more than €12 million to newspaper publishers since its foundation.

Publishers receive an individual annual report detailing revenue performance and development of NLI activities in relation to licensing and legal issues.

Publisher mandate

The NLI Publisher Mandate is non-exclusive and enables us to provide licensing models for print and web content to media monitoring organisations, PR companies, and a range of other companies and organisations in the commercial, education, charity and public sectors. Publishers retain all other rights.

Distribution policy

NLI distributes licence fee revenue back to publishers in a fair, efficient and transparent way.

The annual distribution of licence fee income is based on the information we receive from licence-holders, i.e. the volume of copying/clipping associated with each individual title. All rightsholders are categorised on this basis, and each publisher receives an annual report detailing their title by title share of fee income relative to the overall amount received.

Deduction of operating expenses

NLI retains a proportion of all licence fee revenue collected to cover operating and administration expenses. This administration fee is currently 25% of annual turnover and full details are provided in the annual report circulated to all mandating publishers.