By issuing licences, NLI permits organisations to use, in certain ways, the copyrighted material in the publications repertoires.

This ‘use’ of the copyrighted material is restricted to the activities expressly named in Rights Granted sections of the licence agreements, and is subject to all of the other terms and conditions of the relevant licence agreements. Note also that not all of the Rights Granted are granted for all repertoires.

Business Licence

The Business Licence is NLI’s general end-user licence product enabling organisations to, for instance, access articles on a media monitoring organisation portal website or distribute articles internally via email or intranet. Business Licence fees are determined by the number of employees in the organisation.

Public Relations (PR) Licence

The Public Relations (PR) Licence is designed for those organisations that collate and copy articles from a wide variety of sources as part of professional services for their clients. Crucially, this licence allows PR firms to distribute article clippings of interest to their clients, however their clients must have a Business Licence in order to make further copies of the clippings. Licence fees are determined by the number of PR firm employees.

Media Monitoring Organisation (MMO) Licence

The MMO licence is designed for organisations that, on behalf of clients, perform systematic activities, such as scanning, copying and website portal re-publication, on large volumes of print and website content. The MMO licence provides a framework within which this activity can take place. The fees for this licence include a monthly fixed fee determined by the number of clients, and a variable fee based on the number of articles or clips delivered to clients.

Charity Licence

The Charity Licence provides the same rights, and is subject to the same terms and conditions as the Business Licence, however the cost of this licence is discounted for qualifying charity organisations. Charity Licence fees are determined by the number of employees in the organisation.