PR Licence

The NLI PR Licence is a simple copyright licence that provides PR companies with the appropriate permission to use, copy and share newspaper and magazine content without the risk or cost of copyright infringement. The PR licence allows PR executives to routinely supply newspaper and magazine content to clients in paper and/or digital formats, such as photocopy, or electronic copy via email.

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PR Licence

MMO Licence

Charity Licence

Rights Granted

Standard Rights
  • Photocopy, print, fax, scan and share articles from over 200 newspaper and magazine publications
  • Email press cuttings and articles received from media monitoring organisations (MMOs) and/or PR companies
  • Copy or re-use articles from a range of newspaper website publications
  • Send copies of articles to clients in paper and/or digital formats, for example as photocopies or as electronic copies distributed email
  • Access articles through a web-based portal provided by a media monitoring organisation
  • Store copied or purchased articles on a secure intranet for up to 30 days
Optional Additional Rights
  • Extended Archive – to store electronically for over 30 days. If your MMO maintains an archive of content over 30 days on your behalf then you are required to subscribe to this extended archive option.
  • Website republishing – post articles on your company website

Licence Fees

The NLI PR Licence fee is based on the total number of staff within the organisation.

The national newspapers repertoire is included NLI PR Licence regardless. Coverage for regional newspapers, magazines and UK newspapers (paper rights only) are offered as optional selections. The licence fees are set out in the PR Licence fee schedule.

New licensees are required to pay an indemnity fee to legitimise past unlicensed copying. The indemnity fee is calculated by multiplying the current annual licence fee by the number of years in which content reproduction has previously taken place.

Clients of Media Monitoring Organisations

All clients of media monitoring organisations that engage in multiple access to electronic clippings from newspapers and magazines, either through a web-based portal or receipt by other methods of electronic delivery, must hold a valid NLI licence. An NLI Business Licence may suffice, however the NLI PR Licence provides the added authorisation to further distribute article content to clients.

Your Clients’ Obligations

Each of your clients has copyright obligations of their own and you should inform them of their licensing requirements in this regard.

How to purchase

Please complete the application form in the PR Licence Pack and return the signed original to Newspaper Licensing Ireland Ltd.