MMO Licence

The NLI Media Monitoring Organisation (MMO) Licence is a comprehensive copyright management framework designed for organisations that provide commercial media monitoring services. The MMO Licence accommodates the multiplicity of ways in which MMOs source and gather content, and thereby deliver their services to clients.

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MMO Licence

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Rights Granted

With an NLI MMO Licence, an organisation is granted permission to:

  • Supply clients with paper and electronic copies of press clippings from newspapers and magazines
  • Index and provide clients with text extracts and links to content from leading media websites

The NLI MMO Licence is a singularly powerful mechanism that goes a very long way towards assisting media monitoring organisations in achieving copyright compliance in their day to day activities, if for no other reason than the range and importance of the publications included. 

Reporting Obligations

All licensed MMOs are subject to monthly reporting requirements. MMOs are obliged to deliver a monthly report to NLI stating:

  • The names of their clients to which they deliver copyrighted content
  • Details of services provided to those clients
  • A breakdown of all articles copied by publication

Each MMO is further subject to occasional audit to ensure compliance with the terms of their NLI licence, and to verify all monthly reporting. 

Licence Fees

The NLI MMO Licence fee comprises 2 elements:

  • A monthly fee based on the total number of clients
  • A fee per copy based on the number of articles made available to clients
Clients of Media Monitoring Organisations

Clients of MMOs have their own copyright obligations. Those that engage in multiple access to electronic clippings from newspapers and magazines, either through a web-based portal or receipt by other methods of electronic delivery, must hold a valid NLI licence.

NLI is pleased to licence the following MMOs

How to purchase

If you wish to further discuss the suitability of an MMO Licence for your requirements please contact Newspaper Licensing Ireland Ltd. A copy of the licence and fee schedule is available upon request.